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5 Things you need to know before you buy an Aneroid Barometer

1. The Barometer is an instrument for measuring the pressure of the air

2. This is due to the weight of the column of air above it.

3. Your barometer will measure the actual changes in air pressure at a particular place

4. High and low pressure systems move around the earth’s surface

5. The movements shown on the face of the Barometer indicate the changes in pressure as they occur directly above your particular location.


The history behind the barometer

The Barometer was first invented in 1645 by an Italian mathematician named Torricelli. Originally the Barometer was quite complex using a number of glass tubes with liquid in them. The liquid used was mercury but using liquid in a barometer needed lots of special care when handling hence the Aneroid (without Liquid) Barometer was devised.

Modern Barometers

Nowadays the best quality Barometers are made in Germany. Barometers form one part of information found on Weather Station Instruments – along with Temperature and Hygrometer (moisture in the air). 

Here at Barometers and Clocks we source from the World’s best – Fischer Instruments.

Check out this beautiful Brass Weather Station that has just arrived from Germany. It features a beautiful aneroid Barometer, a wonderful piece for your boat or nautical environment.


Next week I will be blogging about how to read and adjust your Barometer.



In the mean time check out our range of Nautical Barometers for the water




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