Weather instrument gift boxes make the perfect christmas gift for families, corporate gifting or staff gifting. Start by adding your chosen weather station or instrumentto our gift basket add on OR choose from one of these two pre-made baskets.

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Weather Stations

A weather station is an instrument that you use to measure the weather. It uses three instruments, a Barometer, a Hygrometer, and a Thermometer to measure air pressure, humidity, and temperature. Barometers help to let us know about future changes in the weather know what kind of changes you can expect in the weather (this can help you decide if you should head out hiking, or hang out your washing before work. Hygrometersmeasure the humidity of the air. A Comfortable and healthy livery and working conditions are provided with temperatures between 18 and 24 C and humidity between 35 and 65% Thermometersmeasure the air temperature so you can optimise your home or office for optimal health.

Why choose Fischer Weather Stations?

Fischer was founded in Germany in 1945 by aircraft engineer Kurt Fischer in a little village in the Erzgebirge named Drebach. Since that time experienced staff members have designed and created excellent instruments for measuring weather and climate. Precise instruments, well balanced with high-quality readings. The careful use of all resources and the use of environmentally friendly production processes are sustainable to support future generations.

Our aim is to combine solidness and best craftsmanship in precision engineering... to create stable reliable products that last for generations.