Free & Express delivery services available worldwide to your door. Fast dispatch. All prices include GST in Australia & New Zealand

Free & Express delivery services available worldwide to your door. Fast dispatch. All prices include GST in Australia & New Zealand


3 Great Christmas Gift Ideas for 2018

Some years can be harder than others when it comes to choosing gifts for your loved ones. It can also be hard to find a Christmas Gift that's beautiful, functional, and within your budget.  One way to get around this is to combine efforts with other family members or make it a combined gift for Mum & Dad this year.

Let your loved ones know you appreciate them and remind them of you throughout the year with a weather gift.

3 Reasons to give a weather gift this year:

For health

The health of your home can have a big impact on general health. By having a weather station with a hygrometer or a hygrometer on its own you can measure the levels of humidity in the home and optimise your environment for health.


1. Fischer Klassic Wooden Weather Station - 9160-22 with temperature, humidity and changes in weather patterns


2. Fischer Skala Weather Instruments 1602-01 easily read temperature, humidity and changes in weather patterns


Help with power bill

Do you ever feel like you are playing a game of washing line roulette, you chance hanging out the washing, only to return home to a soaking washing line because it has rained. Then you have to run the dryer because it rained, pushing up your power bill and increasing humidity levels in your home. Weather stations let you optimise your washing times around the weather so you spend less on the dryer.

For this we recommend a barometer to measure upcoming changes in the weather:

Traditional Barometer

3. Mahogany and Brass Fischer Pascall Barometer - 1434B-22


4. Walnut and Brass Fischer Barometer Pascal 1436R-12



For safety:

Getting caught out in the weather can be life-threatening when you're on the water. So if you have nautical parents, tide clocks and weather stations are a great way to keep safe in or on the water. They are also great if they are heading outside to the ocean, bike ride - safe weather.

For this, we recommend a tide clock, or a weather station featuring a tide clock:.


5. Fischer Black and Chrome Weather Station and Tide Clock



Pre-order Before December 19th for Christmas Delivery.

While we endeavour to get your order out on time, around the Christmas Period things can get busy. The postal service advises us that 19th of December is the cut off for Christmas Deliveries so we recommend placing your order before then so we can dispatch it and get it to your recipient in time for Christmas.

Q. What if I order on the 19th of December?

We can Express freight in New Zealand and Australia - However,because we do not own a sleigh ;P we can not Guarantee it will arrive in time for Christmas

 Free Gift Wrapping

Simply add gift wrapping to your cart and a note to say its a Christmas Gift in the note box at the shopping cart - and we will wrap your gift and ship it to your recipient.


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