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Four Beautiful Gifts Ideas for Men

So it is that time of year again, and you need to find him a gift. The trouble is he tends to buy himself everything he needs, so you need to come up with something thoughtful, that he will love, and can think about you every time he uses it.

Why are men so hard to shop for?

Men can be really hard to shop for! It seems like when you think of giving a woman a gift, there are hundreds of different avenues you could take, flowers, watches, chocolates, candles, clothes, lingerie and so the list keeps on going. But blokes are different, and there are only so many socks, hankies and decorative ties a man needs in his life.

My top 5 gifts ideas for Men

Here at Barometers and Clocks I am often asked what are some gifts ideas for men – be it either Christmas or Birthdays. This blog is to help you with some ideas that may help you find that special something for the men in your lives.
Here are the links to our categories that you will find online. These will provide you with a range of ideas to choose from.

1.Nautical Instruments & Tide Clocks

nautical equiptment

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Fischer Nautical Tide Clock - This clock is one of my best sellers to boaties. It lets you know the time and the tides. Its polished brass looks fabulous in any boat or yacht.


Fischer Modern Tide Clock in Ash Colour - This tide clock is a real beauty and very popular. A tide clock is a specially designed clock that keeps track of the Moon's apparent motion around the Earth. If you click on the above link you can see this instrument and a YouTube video of how to set up and use it. Perfect for those who love fishing.

2. Weather Stations

Home Weather Stations

Fischer Classic Wooden Weather station  - This is a more classic 3 in 1 Weather station. A Barometer, Hygrometer and Thermometer made of solid wood (Mahogany). It will tell you the humidity of the air, the temperature and atmospheric pressure. It would be a timeless piece in any room of your house.

Fischer Classic Wooden Weather Station  - This Weather station is a show stopper – It combines a 3 in 1. Temperature, Barometer and Hygrometer. It can take pride of place on any mantelpiece or in a study. Easy to read and understand it’s a beautiful handy instrument to have around.

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3. Home Thermometers

Home Thermometers

Fischer Skala Weather Instrument has a home thermometer that can sit on his desk and let him know the temperature, humidity and predict changes in weather patterns using a barometer.


 Shop This Story: Thermometers

4. Wine Instruments

Wine Therometers

Wine Hygrometers & Thermometer

Fischer Hygrometer and Thermometer  -  And for those wine lovers out there here is an instrument that you can use to ensure that you never have the wrong conditions in your wine cellar. It gives you the temperature and moisture levels surrounding your wine collection. This is a big seller to all who are into wine. Learn more about wine cellar to measure optimal temperature for keeping your wine.

Shop This Story: Wine Instruments

All the products we source are of the highest quality and have a certain WOW factor about them when they are opened as a gift. This Christmas if you let me know I can gift wrap your purchase for no extra charge.

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