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Asthma at an all time high in Melbourne after a rare Thunderstorm

A rare event happened in Melbourne, Australia this month after a thunderstorm caused an outbreak of Thunderstorm asthma. Because of the changes in the air, the spring pollen particles became swollen with water and burst. This airborne pollen was then inhaled by locals causing such a high number of many cases of Asthma the city ran out of ambulances for an hour.

What caused this rare phenomenon?

The combination of warm weather, a high pollen count and stormy conditions.

How can I measure weather patterns at home?

Warm weather can be measured by a thermometer and a hygrometer which measures the humidity of the air, which is often high during a thunderstorm and rain. A Barometer will let you predict changes in the weather ahead of time, which is really handy if you are playing washing line roulette and deciding if you should hang out your washing before work.

You can get all of these measurements in one device called a weather station. They come in wall mounted and free standing options to suit most interiors and make a great gift for the person who has everything.




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