Free & Express delivery services available worldwide to your door. Fast dispatch. All prices include GST in Australia & New Zealand

Free & Express delivery services available worldwide to your door. Fast dispatch. All prices include GST in Australia & New Zealand


Decoding the weather - Tide Clocks and Barometers for boat owners.

Keep a weather eye on the Horizon. As every keen Boatie (or seafaring person) knows, keeping an eye on the weather is part of the basics when planning a trip out to sea or if you are already out enjoying the waves. It is important to know what the weather is doing with a barometer so you do not get caught out. Having a reliable Barometer showing you the correct barometric pressure will give you a good indication if the weather is going to turn for the worse.

What to look for?

If the pressure is high then you usually get settled weather and when the pressure is low you get unsettled weather.

How can I read the air pressure ahead of time?

A barometer is a weather instrument which measures changes in the barometric pressure in the air, this gives an indication of up and coming weather patterns that could affect your day at sea. They usually have a face which gives an indication of storm, rain, cloudy or fair using words or by icons depending on the model of barometer you use.

Choosing a Barometer for Boat owners

Here at Barometers and Clocks, we are committed to offering the most accurate top quality weather instruments available from the best manufacturers from around the world. We work with the best in the industry. The correct weather instrument can help you make decisions that may save you and your loved one's lives.

Decoding the Weather Tips for Boat Owners

When you are planning your day out on the boat, be it for the best fishing, berthing or surfing, It's also important to know what the tides are doing – high or low. This is where a tide clock and barometer can come in handy.

nautical barometers and tide clocks

Check out 1486GU-06. This is one of our best sellers, it looks great and will be a great talking point among friends. So play safe and enjoy a great day out on the water.

 tide clock barometer combo

Some of our other best sellers are: 1486GU-22    1434GU-06    1434B-06

If you have any questions at all call Cameron on NZ 0800693583 AUS 1800 136 886 or International 0064 3 3381109to discuss the right weather instrument for you.

Next month we begin to talk about how our customers are using our instruments in their adventures. So if you have any stories you would like to share please let know.

If you would like to learn more about tide clocks and barometers check out our Fishing barometers section

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