Free & Express delivery services available worldwide to your door. Fast dispatch. All prices include GST in Australia & New Zealand

Free & Express delivery services available worldwide to your door. Fast dispatch. All prices include GST in Australia & New Zealand


Where to buy weatherstations in the United States

Are you looking for weather stations for sale in the USA? Here at we often sell our Fischer weather stations, barometersand tide clocks for delivery to your door in the United States of America.

4 Things you should consider when buying a weather instrument in the USA.

When buying a barometer make sure the readings are written in a way you can understand. 

1. Although we use a metric system that is different to the US we find a lot of customers prefer the millibar system. Because a barometers measurement is in millibars its still super easy for you to read and understand.

2. Our instruments read the temperature in Celsius, not Fahrenheit. 

3. The barometers in all our weather stations measure in inches and millibars

4. Our weather stations are made in Germany by craftsmen specialising in precision instruments. 

How do I set up a Barometer for my hometown climate?

It is actually really easy, and the great news is you only have to set it up once, and you are ready to go. You can find the setting in less than a minute and it takes less than two to get setup.

  1. On the day your barometer arrives google the barometric pressure in your hometown for that day. 
  2. Adjust the dial to match that barometric pressure. This syncs your barometer to the current weather patterns, and as the pressure changes it will automatically pick them up so you do not have to adjust it again.

What type of weather stations and barometers do we sell in the USA?

When it comes to barometers you have a few options from a classic wall barometeror something you can mount on a desk or table. Marine barometers for yachtsman or boaties Barometers with tide clocks - perfect for surfers and divers. Along with weather stations which combine humidity and temperature measurements as well as a change in weather patterns.

Our top 3 best selling Barometers into the US are:

Fischer Pascal Wooden Wall Mounted Barometer 1434B-32

barometer on a melbourne homes wall

Fischer Weather Station and Tide Clock Combo

with Barometer and Thermometer and tide clock



Fischer Skala Weather Instruments

with a Hygrometer, Thermometer and Barometer 1602-01

Indoor & Outdoor Stainless Weather Instrument

How does shipping to the USA work?

When you buy online from the USA we ship goods as fast as we can as well as offering free delivery to your door.  You can see all of our prices in USD by toggling the currency convert to USD. You can check out in USD using our Shopify checkout (as long as you are not using PayPal) and pay in your local currency.

If you want to speak to us you can call us for free from the US on +64 3 338 1109

See what our customers are saying:

" Hi Cameron, Just a quick note to let you know the Barometer set arrived safely this afternoon. Thank you for your excellent service and the Barometer looks great. It is for our grandson’s twenty-first birthday next week and we wanted to give him something he can keep for years and is both useful and visually attractive, This really meets the brief! By the way, thanks for setting the Barometer up for Sydney's climate. Regards Brian."Brian, Sydney, Australia. 10/06/15

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