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What does a thermometer measure ?

A thermometer is an instrument used to measure temperature. It works by detecting changes in the volume or pressure of a liquid or gas as it expands or contracts due to changes in temperature.

There are several types of thermometers, including mercury, alcohol, and digital models. Mercury thermometers use a column of mercury inside a glass tube, and the height of the column changes as the temperature changes. Alcohol thermometers work in a similar way, using a column of alcohol instead of mercury. Digital thermometers use electronic sensors to measure changes in temperature and display the results on a digital screen.

Thermometers are commonly used in many different fields, including medicine, science, industry, and meteorology. In medicine, thermometers are used to measure body temperature, and are often used to diagnose and monitor illnesses. In science, thermometers are used to measure the temperature of materials and substances in experiments. In industry, thermometers are used to monitor and control temperature in manufacturing processes. In meteorology, thermometers are used to measure temperature in the atmosphere and help forecast weather conditions.