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Free & Express delivery services available worldwide to your door. Fast dispatch. All prices include GST in Australia & New Zealand


Looking for Tide Clocks for Sale? 6 Things you need to know before you buy

Tide clocks are a marvellous tool for letting you maximise your time on the water and get the most out of summer. When shopping for a tide clock for sale online there are a few things you need to consider before you press "add to cart". With that in mind here is our guide to helping you find the perfect tide clock for your needs where ever you are in the world

  1. Consider the quality of the tide clock and where it was made.
  2. Consider the functionality you need, do you want just the tide? or would it be nice to know the temperature and air pressure so you know what the weather is going to look like in a few hours?
  3. Consider the materials
  4. Consider the shipping costs and how it will be packed in transit.

Why you should consider a german tide clock  (over poor quality alternatives)

    Like all products, there are well-made tide clocks and mass-produced tide clocks. The trouble with mass-produced products can be with quality and materials, which I think lets down the consumer due to the tide clock not been reliable. We recommend German-made tide clocks from Fischer who hand make tide clocks with high-quality parts. There is a reason they have been in business for over 100 years. Fischer has small factory with skills long term staff that make the casings from hand and assemble the quartz movements correctly.

    wooden tide clock nz ,wooden tide clock australia

    Shop this style: Fischer Pascall - Barometer 1434gu

    The benefits of a time clock+ tide clock duo

    You may say "I already have a watch so I just need the tide clock". That’s fine just consider that when you have the time and clock together in the same instruments. With just a glance you can see where the tides are in relation to the clock. This same you scanning back and forth looking at another device. We offer a variety of tide clocks but some models also come with the normal clock time as well. Here are a few models with this combination. 

    Tide Clock Australia

    Shop the Fischer Pascall - Tide Clock + Time Clock + Barometer 434gu-22 


    Why choose a tide and barometer combination

      We offer a great selection of tide and barometer combinations, the beauty about having a combination is not only you can read the time but also predict the weather. This combination is good for boaties that not only need to know tides but for safety reasons need to no the weather forecast. If you are surfing or Fishing from the rocks etc again its nice to know what the day might bring.

       Weather Station & Tide Clock Combination

      Shop this style: Fischer 1538td-06 Black and Chrome Weather Station with Tide Clock

      Brass performs well in wet environments like boats yauchts & ships

      Brass or chrome on brass Tide clocks is very popular with our nautical customers as they are more water-resistant to the elements living on or near the sea brings. They look good in boats for your holiday home giving you that nautical feeling. Check out our brass tide clocks online.

      Brass Tide Clock

      Shop This Style: Fischer 1605gu-45 - Navigator Nautical Tide Clock

      Consider your style - New and Modern or Traditional and Classic

        This tide clock & barometer combination model I have here is a brand new design I personally came up with and Fischer made it. It's very impressive as it has heavy-duty instruments with chrome and black casing, it's so much better in the flesh than online as I cannot say enough about it. We are consistently looking for new ideas regarding combinations or just new styles so please if you have any ideas we will welcome your feedback.

        Impressive Solid Nautical Chrome Barometer & Tide Clock

        Shop this style: Fischer 1485gu-06 - Impressive Solid Nautical Chrome Barometer & Tide Clock

        How to set up a tide clock for  your location: 

        I suggest making life easier and googling tide charts for your area and setting your tide clock to what’s on their charts. Tide clocks, unlike your normal 12-hour cycle clocks, tide clocks work on 12-hours 25min cycles, average tides between highs and lows are 6 hours. If you want to get your clock reading more actuality setting up a tide clock its best if to set it up at a full moon, there is more info on this if your search setting up a tide clock. 

        tide clock infographic

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