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How to Avoid Washing Line Roulette with a Barometer. Know when it will rain.

Getting the washing done is always a challenge. In an ideal world, you would put a load on first thing in the morning when the power price was low, have a shower, eat breakfast, feed to kids, do a quick organise, hang out the washing, drop the kids off at school and then get to work to enjoy your morning coffee. After a days work to return to clean, dry, fresh smelling clothes.

Sadly mother nature usually has other ideas and by morning tea break it is persisting down with rain and your washing will now be more soaked then when you hung it out on the line.

Every day all over the world people are playing washing line roulette

Washing line... or drying rack? Sometimes it feels like a game of roulette trying to get your washing dry. If you hang it out you run the risk of running out of clean underwear for the week if you hang it inside on a drying rack you are safe, but that means all the water from your clothes ends up in your home and increases the humidity. It is always better to dry in sunlight.

washing line roulette

What if you could predict the rain ahead of time so you knew when to throw your washing on?

Because you do not have time to fire up the DeLorean time machine, a barometer is a great way to predict changes in weather ahead of time. 

They work by measuring the pressure changes in the air which indicate a change in the weather. When this happens there is a hang on the barometer to points towards rain or sun so you know what is going to happen to the weather ahead of time.

This helps you decide when to do your laundry and where to hang it out, so you no longer have to play washing line roulette

Product Featured: Fischer Modern Round Stainless Steel Weather Instrument this weather station is made in Germany out of high-quality materials with an easy to read face so you can tell the weather ahead of time. It also tells you what the humidity levels are like inside your house, along with the temperature.

 when to take an umbrella

Do I need a Barometer or a Weather Station in my home or office?

Barometers and weather stations are the perfect weapon if you want to know about changes in the weather ahead of time. They can inform any number of decisions you make during your day. Do you ever ask yourself any of the following questions?

"Should I take my umbrella?"

"Should I take my raincoat?"

"Should I drive to work?"

"Should I hang out the washing"

"Should I head out for a hike, walk or bike ride"

Weather Stations will also let you know the temperature inside your office or house (remember it should be between 18 - 22 for optimal health) so you can stay healthy and productive. Along with the humidity levels so you can identify any potential problems that could make you sick, raise your electricity bill, or cause mould and damage to your property

Product Featured: Traditional Classic XL Wooden Walnut Weather Station 6901-12 this German-made weather station gives you readings about changes in weather patterns, the temperature and the humidity.

Never play washing line roulette again.

Shop Barometers Here or you can Shop Weather stations Here


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