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Why are Barometers Important?

 A Barometer is an instrument that measures atmospheric pressure, used especially in forecasting the weather.  While these instruments have been around for a long time they have proven especially important for knowing when the weather is going to change.

Barometers help make your life easier.

Particularly useful for boaties who are planning a trip to sea but also important for weather watchers, planning a surf, deciding whether to put your washing out, when to take an umbrella or just for a really useful piece of décor in your home.

Precise measurements when you need them.

Another important point about Barometers is that they are precision instruments - this means that they are put together in a precise way that ensures their accuracy. Super small parts are crafted together in a process that was designed many years ago.

Designed by engineers

Recently the team here at travelled to East Germany where we met the man who runs the Fischer factory – Peter Fischer. He showed us around the Fischer factory where we saw how these precision instruments are made.

Fischer was founded in Germany in 1945 in East Germany called Drebach. Since that time experienced staff members have designed and created excellent instruments for measuring weather and climate. Precise instruments, well balanced with high-quality readings.

Drebach is so beautiful but also very cold in February.

Each member of Peter's team takes pride in everything they create. They are 100% committed to producing the highest quality of the product.

Peter spoke to us about some other things about barometers.

They are often combined with a hygrometer whichmeasures the humidity of the air. Comfortable and healthy living and working conditions when temperatures are between 18 and 24 C and humidity between 35 and 65% 

Barometers are also often combined with a thermometer which will measure the air temperature in your home or office.

These three instruments often combine to form a weather station.


See what our customers are saying about Fischer Barometers

" Hi Cameron, Just a quick note to let you know the Barometer set arrived safely this afternoon. Thank you for your excellent service and the Barometer looks great. It is for our grandson’s twenty-first birthday next week and we wanted to give him something he can keep for years and is both useful and visually attractive, This really meets the brief! By the way, thanks for setting the Barometer up for Sydney's climate. Regards Brian."Brian, Sydney, Australia. 10/06/15

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